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Gweru prophetess jailed for 11years

Juliet Masakanire

By Martin Mawaya
Gweru prophetess Juliet Masakanire (29) was convicted and sentenced
for 11 years in prison for three charges of sexually molesting a
32years- female member of her church.

Masakanire the founder and pastor of Pray Deliverance and Testimony
Ministries International, was facing two counts of indecent assault
and one count of aggravated indecent assault.
She was sentenced to two years in prison for count one and two and
nine years in prison for count three.

The prophetess will serve nine years in prison after Regional
Magistrate Mrs Phatekile Msipa suspended two years for good behaviour.
In passing sentence, Mrs Msipa said Masakanire as a woman of the cloth
should have protected the complainant who was looking up to her as a
mother figure.

“The accused was the pastor of the complainant who placed her trust
and faith in her and her prophecies. Instead of looking after her, she
turned into an abuser and courts should give long custodial sentences
to deter such offenders.


“The accused is sentenced to two years on the first two counts and
nine years on the third count.
“Two years are suspended on condition that the accused will not commit
the same offence for next five years,” she said.

It is the state case that sometimes in January, Masakanire was looking
for accommodation and the complainant offered to house her
The two stayed together and shared the same bed.
The same month, the court heard that Masakanire prophesied that the
complainant was going to get married to a husband by the name of
Stanley Chinyonga.

In February, prophetess Masakanire woke up during the night and
introduce herself in a male voice as Chinyonga.
She started to suck, caressing her breasts and kissing the complainant.
The complainant told the court that she tried to resist but was
overpowered by the accused who then inserted her fingers into her
private parts.

The court heard that Masakanire transferred money to the complainant
every time she abused her. She gave the complainant $10, US$6, R50 and
transferred varying amounts to her account via Ecocash.

The court heard that the prophetess asked the complainant to seed
something so that she could get a husband and she surrendered her
smartphone which she latter demanded back after realising that
Masakanire was lying to her.

The matter came to light on June 28 when the complainant informed a
church mate before the matter was reported to the police leading to
the arrest of the accused person.

Mr Talent Tadenyika prosecuted.

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