"Let's educate ourselves as artists" -

“Let’s educate ourselves as artists”

By Faith Muringai
Zimbabwean multi-talented dancer-cum- singer, Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi is now a Midlands State University (MSU), Bachelor of Social Sciences, Music Business, Musicology and Technology Honours undergraduate degree programme student.

Sandra Ndebele-Sibindi

Sandra populary known as Sandy said she decided to go to University because she feels that education was the key gateway to success in music and her business ventures.
She urged other artists to try by all means to further their education so that they improve in the arts industry.

“Let’s educate ourselves as artists to improve the creative sector of the arts industry. You can do it and I’m a living testimony. Education is very important,” said Sandra.

She began her first year at Midlands State University last year and currently about to write her 1:1 examinations.
“I’ve been there, done that and travelled the world. I have it all but have no education. The reason I went back to school is that I felt I could be far with my musical career and other professions if I was educated,” she said.

She sat for her “O” level Mathematics examinations in 2016 at the age of 34 with three children and when she passed her supplementary mathematics paper that year she proceeded to her A level subjects which she passed in 2020.

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