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Zvidzai dumps Chamisa’s Blue movement

By Richard Shumba

Former Executive Mayor of Gweru, Senator Sesel Zvidzai has defeated his decision to align himself with  Welshman Ncube’s CCC faction, saying he doesn’t follow an individual (Chamisa) but a party he assisted in forming.

Sen Zvidzai was responding to allegations on social media that he has abandoned and sold out the Blue movement party led by Nelson Chamisa after showing up at a Welshman Ncube-led National Council Meeting in Harare recently and introducing himself as the party’s acting national chairperson.

The meeting also ended speculations by many on who was backing the interim leader of the contested opposition party which is believed to be working with the ruling party Zanu PF.

Senator Zvidzai told The Sun that he did not abandon the Blue movement party but rather it was Nelson Chamisa who had abandoned them by leaving the CCC and that left them with no option but to continue the struggle.

He further reiterated that the Ncube CCC party was not following individuals but rather following a value system that wanted to see the suffering lives of the majority of Zimbabweans changed for the better.

“So, there is no dumping of Chamisa the struggle continues it is bigger than individuals in fact, we have never subscribed to following people but we follow a value system that is trying to push an agenda for the total liberation of the people of Zimbabwe so that we can have an equal society. This is achieved by working together with people who believe in the same values as ourselves and who believe in the style in which we execute work mainly democracy, debate, and fair disagreements,” said Zvidzai.

The seasoned politician said he was working collectively with like-minded individuals who were determined to positively change the concrete realities of the majority of Zimbabweans.

“There are no relationships whatsoever between our view as CCC and the view of people who work individually anybody who subverts the will of the people and acts alone does not need our style of work which is respecting the will of the people,” he said.

The decision by Zvidzai to align himself with the Welshman CCC party has left the majority of Zimbabweans with questions rather than answers as he was viewed by many to be a close ally of Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa formed Citizens Coalition for Change after losing the squabbles over the party name MDC Alliance.

He presented yellow as the new color and raised the index finger as the new symbol.

After forming the party, most MDC Alliance MPs and councilors who showed allegiance to Chamisa were recalled from parliament by Douglas Mwonzora, who took over the MDC Alliance.

This, together with some deaths of officials, called for by-elections in 28 seats which were conducted on 26 March 2022 in which the newly formed CCC won 19 and Zanu pf won 9.

After forming the party in 2022, the interim leader Nelson Chamisa refused to craft an interim constitution and party structures.

Taking advantage of this lack of organization (lack of interim constitution and party structures), one Sengezo Tshabangu started claiming that he was the interim secretary general of the party.

Tshabangu wrote letters to the speaker of the parliament, president of the senate, and minister of local government recalling MPs, senators, and councilors who were elected on the CCC ticket.

He submitted his own credentials and interim constitution to the parliament and ZEC, which essentially meant he was now the bona fide leader of the party.


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