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Zvidzai backs Chamisa

Former Gweru Urban Member of Parliament Sesel Zvidzai

By Martin Mawaya

Former Tsvangirai confidant and National Executive member in the MDC-Alliance Sesel Zvidzai has dismissed social media speculation that he has joined the Khupe camp saying Nelson Chamisa was the only credible and rightful leader for the party.

Social media was last week awash with posts suggesting that Zvidzai might have jumped the Chamisa ship to join the Khupe/Mwonzora camp after he posted on his facebook page “I have thrown down the Gauntlet”.

In a wide interview with this reporter, the former Gweru Urban Member of Parliament who survived the Ascot violence ambush in 2000 and his home was burnt to ashes in Bikita 2008, said in times of disaster leadership should put their energy for the common good for the benefit of the people.

“In times of disaster as occasioned by Covid-19 every person who aspires for national leadership, whether in the realm of politics, or in the civil society or the church or traditional leadership should deploy all available energy on the common good than to fight for the self.

“This is what separated President Chamisa from all his protagonists, for most chose to fight to consolidate power than to be at the service of the common good,” he said.

The former Executive Mayor of Gweru said there are people at local structures who are thriving on elbowing out others by peddling falsehoods on the social media platforms.

“At our local levels people bend on protecting meaningless fiefdoms, began to craft satanic strategies to elbow out perceived enemies by peddling concocted and juicy stories about fellow leaders.

“This is what President Tsvangirai used to refer to as ‘internal focus’, a disease that leads to political cannibalism where comrades devour each other in pursuit of political opportunity and in protection of beautiful political toys such as positions in the structures or in deployed positions,” said Zvidzai.

He said it’s unfortunate that the fictional stories are being peddled at a time the party needs unity of purpose and confront the regime.

“Sadly all the stories about me abandoning Chamisa’s ship happen when three gallant young women are smarting from torture and abuse from the regime.

“It’s time for all to throw down their gauntlets and say enough is enough to the external enemy, the regime. It’s time to say ‘chauya chauya’ and look at the beast in the eye,” he said.

Zvidzai added that he cannot betray his conscience as he was party to the ascending of Chamisa.

“The MDC went through the metamorphosis into MDC-A with me as the chief of staff and hence the right hand person of both presidents Tsvangirai and Chamisa during the period 2014 to 2019 when the party grew its vote more than 100 percent.

“The alliance, the convergence and that entire staff including the ascension of president Chamisa to the leadership of the party are all things I believed in and supported, working as the top party civil servant.

“I can’t betray my own beliefs and so I remain firmly focused on the struggle and I’m not part to side shows that may delay the delivery of the people of Zimbabwe from poverty, deprivation and subjugation,” said Zvidzai.

The former Local Government Deputy Minister in the government of national unity said the MDC-A is the only way to deliver a new Zimbabwe.

“I believe in the national democratic struggle and the MDC-A as converged with the totality of the democratic contingent is the correct vehicle for the delivery of the people of Zimbabwe from poverty and autocracy,” he added.

He said structures in the province are solidly behind the MDC Alliance and its leadership.

“A few days ago I met with people of Shurugwi, they are very clear that the MDC-A is the game in town. It means in spite of the current challenges, its support base will assist the MDC to bounce back beyond where it is today.

“The MDC-A coefficient of restitution is so high and so there is no doubt that the party will emerge stronger,’ he said

He said the national leadership, parliamentarians and councilors should continue in consulting people, work hard to fight on the side of the people, expose corruption and bad governance and impending ZANUPF appetite for one party command rule.

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