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Zim Rights conducts human rights awareness in Gweru

By Richard Shumba

Zim Rights is currently conducting nationwide campaigns through action learning sessions that focus on the human rights needs of young people.

Speaking at one of the youth zone initiatives that took place in Gweru recently Zim Rights National Director Dzikamai Bere said that the youth should be actively involved in democratic processes, engaging in profitable economic activities, whilst playing a central role in development as stipulated and guaranteed by the Zimbabwean constitution.

“We have a crisis in our country, and we need young activists who can help restore belief in ourselves as a people and as a nation. When we launched the Shifting Power to, it was a signal of hope in the people. Three years later, I marvel at the revolution that we seem to have triggered in young people,” he said.

He also further elucidated that “the youth need to take action and be cognizant of the fact that they are the solution they have been waiting for no one is coming to save you if the young people do not make a solution for themselves no one is going to give them a solution because what I have noticed is that we are at a time when the dream for many is to leave the country, yet young people should be committed to working towards improving the situation in their community and model creative spaces for solutions,” he said.

“What a treasure it is for our world to have young people who care so much about human rights. This reminded me of the words of John Paul II Youth itself is a treasure; it is the time of discovering the potentialities of being human, and also of organizing, choosing, foreseeing, and making the first personal decisions,’ said Bere.  

The meeting witnessed discussions centered on human rights-based approach anchored on the People’s HumanRights and the Youth Human Rights Manifesto ZimRights is Zimbabwe’s first post-independence indigenous grassroots human rights advocacy group.

Formed in 1992, ZimRights brings together ordinary people like you and I, who work together to advance the cause of human rights in Zimbabwe. It is registered as a welfare organization under the Private Voluntary Organization Act (W/03/93).

For almost three decades, ZimRights has given birth to many human rights initiatives and inspired active citizenship that has seen the emergence of many human rights champions that we celebrate in Zimbabwe.

Today ZimRights has grown to over 250 000 members in all of Zimbabwe’s 10 administrative provinces.


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