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ZETDC urges the community to protect infrastructure

Evidence Chipadza

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company (ZETDC) has urged communities to protect the company’s infrastructure from vandalizers, who steal (ZETDC) cables, as it also affects them.
Speaking at a workshop organized by the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ),  Brian Gurajena, the Distribution Controller Electrical for ZETDC said it is the duty of the residents to always report incidents of theft so that justice is done.
“It is your duty as residents to protect our infrastructure ,whenever there is theft please feel free to report these cases because as customers you play a part in fighting vandalism,” said  Gurajena.
He said currently a total of 120 megawatts of electricity is being supplied to Gweru district and instead of 6 generators supplying power from Kariba power station, they are only 5 generators functioning because of outdated material.

Hospitals, National security institutions and water works are given the first power priority for 24 hours a day since they are involved in the day to day running of events.
Gurajena added that other households receive power 24 hours due to their location not because ZETDC bosses reside there.
“Some areas like Kopje ,Winsor Park and South Downs receive power 24/7 due to location not because ZETDC bosses reside there ,our main aim is to save power, the issue of load shedding has to do with the debts from other customers who are still owing ZETDC,” said Gurajena.
Meanwhile the Provincial Coordinator for WCOZ Vimbai Nhutsve Musengi presented some of the plights that are being faced by women over power cuts. “Women no longer sleep due to these power cuts each time they wake up early to prepare for the family ,and even businesses are suffering because this ,”said Nhutsve.

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