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Zesa switches off Gweru

Just In… ZETDC has switched off Gweru’s main water pumping stations over non-payment of electricity bills amounting to $247million.

A public notice issued by the Acting Town Clerk Vakayi Chikwekwe, reads, “We would like to apologize to ZETDC for earlier advising that there is a power outage at the Range booster. The correct information is that as a local authority we have been cut off by ZETDC at the Range booster, White Waters waterworks, and Town House for non-payment of electricity bills.”

According to sources at ZETDC, the local authority was not cooperative and honest enough with the electricity company as on several occasions lied that they have paid some money towards settling the bill when they haven’t deposited anything.

“Out of all the money unpaid by ZETDC customers in the Midlands province, City of Gweru owes 40percent alone. Several letters were written to the council requesting them to come forward and make a payment plan but they didn’t respond, said a source who requested not to be named.

More to follow…

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