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Zanu PF warns illegal land barons

By Ashley Suruma

The ruling party ZANU PF has distanced itself from land barons who are illegally parceling out land to unsuspecting home seekers in Gweru.

The move comes at a time when the secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Mr Abiot Maronge warned members of the public to desist from buying stands from illegal land barons.

Addressing members of the press, Gweru District ZANU PF Secretary for Media, Information and Publicity Dzidzai Maride disowned those who were unscrupulously parceling out land using the ZANU PF banner.

“ZANU PF Gweru DCC notes with concern a serious malicious attempt by certain individuals to tarnish the party’s brand and his Excellence, the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe’s efforts. These individuals have taken upon themselves to self-proclaim themselves as the ministry of land, agriculture fisheries and embarked on parceling of land to unsuspecting citizens” said Maride.

Maride noted that ZANU PF Gweru district has never at any point sold land to anyone hence anyone who has been duped through the party’s name should feel free to report to the police such that law takes its course.

“We concertize the public that at no point did the ZANU PF Gweru DCC, sell any plots or residential stands and if anyone or any persons have been part of those scams or fallen prey to these scammers feel free to approach the Zimbabwean Republic Police (ZRP) and report any shortcomings without fear” added Maride

He ascertained the ruling party had never deviated from its core value which is to defend the people.

“The Nzira dzemasoja phenomenon is our touch and beacon. We do not take from the very people we must defend, any such actions are fraudulent and malicious to the President’s name”, he said.

These sentiments come after some members of the public approached the ZANU-PF Gweru District offices soliciting land while others claimed to have paid money to access plots and were demanding their money back, but however, these were advised to go and report the matter to the police since they were duped.

ZANU-PF has since advised members of the public to approach their local authorities for the allocation of residential, commercial, and industrial stands. #The Sun


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