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ZANU PF aspiring Councilor kickstart campaign in Ward 18

By Tanyaradzwa Chigumbu

With only a few weeks before the 2023 harmonized elections, Zanu Pf aspiring councilor for Ward 18 Florence Mbizo kick-started her campaign by replacing street lights and road rehabilitation programs much to the delight of residents who welcomed the initiative.

Members of Zanu Pf, Mtapa high-density last Wednesday gathered at Rugare Hall where they witnessed the start of roads rehabilitation with street lights repairs ongoing.

Speaking at Ward 18 Road rehabilitation and installation of solar lights, Priscilla Chiyavayava who was representing Florence Mbizo said there are happy to fulfill one of the requests made by the residents to fix the roads and install street lights.

‘I’m glad to be here representing “incoming” Councillor for Ward 18 Florence Mbizo, today we are doing a road rehabilitation program as you can see we have these trucks which are waiting to repair the roads as it was one of the requests by the residents. Also, we are working on street lights that were no longer functional.

“As we move on with the campaign we will be doing other projects so we call upon everyone to vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, our MP Alex Mukwembi and Councillor Florence Mbizo, said Priscilla Chiyavayava.

Chairperson for Mtapa, Mr Matina Murove congratulated the work being done by the councilor in the community in replacing the long overdue street lights which have seen the unbearable darkness on the streets at night and the fixing of potholes which were being a menace in the roads.

‘Road rehabilitation is being done in the whole country so we are following in the footsteps of the President and moving with MP Mr. Mukwembi and Councilor Mbizo¬† following the theme Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo.

The aspiring councilor saw it fit to address the issue of darkness in the streets at night and the roads which are full of potholes. I’m happy as the PC with the development being done with the councilor before she is in the office so everyone can see that if she can do that before she attains office what if she is given the chance we will have someone who will stand with us.

Mrs Florence Mbizo’s campaign manager Innocent Mutizwa who was working at the site with the constructors outlined that they were still going a long way in delivering their promises to the residents as these are just preliminary stages of more projects to come. As the campaign manager for Florence Mbizo, I see the projects as a good thing for the residents that will also uplift the name of President Mnangagwa and help achieve Vision 2030

With these signs of commitment, residents have already shown their unrivaled support to her as they believe that it’s now just of matter of time before Florence is voted into office.

They also applauded her for venturing into politics, a division that is normally dominated by men but she has stood up to rise against all odds.

‘We are happy with¬† Amai Florence Mbizo she has installed the lights, today we are happy with roads being repaired as we were fearing for children that they will be affected by water diseases in the potholes and risk of getting injured when the road is flooded during the rainy season, said one satisfied resident Patricia Wafawanaka


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