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YDH targets youth innovation

By Christine Chiromo
Youth development hub (YDH) has set the bar in youth innovation as it seeks to recognize and paste the roots of other youths in different continents, forgetting what recipes they are to the world.
YDH Chief Executive Officer Ms. Blessing Banda said the hub has so far managed to host dignitaries and celebrities in different fields such as Professor Lovemore Madhuku, Dr Lazarus Dokora, Oscar Pambuka, Dj Mbale, Dj Shugeta, Dr. Tawanda,Macdonald ,MacDee Chidavaenzi,Tongai Gwaze (Greatman),Dorcas Moyo among other musicians, and other guests from different countries since its one-year operation and has managed to open other platforms in Zambia (YDH-Zambia).

YDH Chief Executive Officer Ms. Blessing Banda

” The youth development hub is a company that offers services like event hosting (Education & entertainment), advisory services, Business, advertising, & publishing, talent and innovation showcasing, career guidance & life coaches as well as technical training (GIS, Detergents making, hair and dressmaking courses, among others )”
One of the testimonials of YDH’s work came from an artist, Mary Sibanda, whose stage name is Malty C, who said she had a passion in singing and through her association with the organization she managed to get encouraged and meet up with other big artists who helped to become a musician.

“Currently I have 9 tracks and one of the tracks was sponsored by YDH, it was a jingle. A lot of people started to know me through YDH and I was once YDH’s brand ambassador. We are inspired and educated in all various areas of life.”
Banda said the hub is currently seeking support and partnership from different companies, international investors, and stakeholders, mainly in arts and culture.

“The institution is aiming to have its own bank (YDH bank) whereby it will meet targets. The services will be available to unleash youth’s talents and their initiatives, mentioning a few business start-up loans, talent finance, insurance which will compensate their losses in their initiatives,” she said.


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