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World-class gym opens in Gweru

By Clive Makumbe and Martin Mawaya

Gweru is set to become the hub of sporting gym activities following the opening of a world class exercising and fitness center known as Studio X in the light industrial site.
The brains behind the initiative is a well-known Chinese businesswoman Kristy Lisa who imported state of the art equipment from China to create an immense gym that inspires both men and women in the sport of body building.

Speaking at an interview with this publication, Kundai Kureva the aerobics coach said the idea of Studio X came out of the demand of a world class gym in Gweru.
“Our director went for a market research for 3 months in South Africa, China and here in Zimbabwe in order for us to come up with this gym.

We had a passion of making a difference in the physical fitness and body building field here in Gweru,” said Kureva.
The studio provides space for both men and women.
“It’s a gender balanced sporting studio.
We have a good clientele at the gym of about 300 people and our loyal clients are about 100 people per month for gym of which there is not much difference in terms of gender balance,” he said.
Kureva said they don’t have much competition in the gym industry in Gweru.

“As Studio X we don’t have competition considering the standard of our facility and the service that we give. We have the gym that is fully equipped and clean, with professional trained assistants.
The other thing is most of the gyms in Gweru are for body building, they don’t have aerobics to cater for women as such we are well positioned as we offer diversity and take care of the hygienic of our clients.

We are also the first to provide bathing showers where our clients can bath and go to work straight from the gym,” he said.
The organisation also target the health expos as a communication strategy to reach out to new clients.

“We use these expos to send the health tips to our clients and partnering with local medical aids as a strategy to reach out about the fitness,” said Kureva.
He added that, the economic vagaries have not spared the sporting discipline as they are compelled to charge in the United States dollars to remain sustainable.

“The gym business has not been spared from the economic downturn affecting the country. People in this business have to also adjust and charge in both RTGS$ and United States dollars to remain operating as well as maintain standards,” he said.
He said that they are intending to bring in more classes for the future.
“First phase we have aerobics, and boxing but we are also intending to bring in zumba, yoga and multier,” he said.

A loyal client with Studio X, Challine Nyoni said she is happy to exercise with Studio X.
“I am one of the fortunate women to exercise with this world class gym. It is healthy to exercise and as a woman this studio is well placed because we like aerobics and none of the gyms in Gweru have the equipment that you are seeing here.

The other good part of this studio is they give us healthy tips, such as the food we are supposed to eat to keep ourselves healthy,” said Nyoni.

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