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Women’s inheritance needs to be protected: First lady

Denzel Serima

Women need to be educated on matters concerning inheritance in order to safe guard their property, First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa said.
Addressing senior government officials, party leaders and women at Mkoba Teachers College, the First Lady said the plight of women mainly comes after the husband passes away and relatives would want to claim all the properties as theirs.
“My visit to Midlands was to shower women with the blessing of knowledge which was evidently lacking. Most women nowadays are being taken advantage of by their relatives.”
“I receive a lot of women at my office who have been duped of their properties after losing their husbands. I’m still a learner at this that’s why I’ve brought experts to help me and you understand what the law has to say about Nhaka inheritance.”
She added that: “I will not stop here; I will proceed to the remaining eight provinces and still teach the women out there about this issue as I’ve done in Warren Park and now here in Midlands.”
Experts of the law deliberated on the issues raised by the women giving them legal advice concerning their issues.
Judicial representative, Halem Mutasa said that people fall victim especially at funerals were they are still in confusion and mourning.
He further stated that, relatives steal from widows under the disguise of culture by using vernacular language terms when taking valuable items.
“mukubirwa ana amai paye pamunenge muchichema mosvikonzi pakuda kuendwa kuchgayo tikukumbirawo card reku bank ne pin…… ivo vachiziva kuti munenge musirikufunga zvakanaka (women are being robbed off their property by using shona name that would make it seem like its culture and people take advantage when they are mourning knowing that’s when they are most vulnerable).”
“pamwe pacho munobirwa zvinhu zvakakosha se stove muchinzi choto ndechamai, four piece leather sofa inotorwa ichinzi chituro, fridge inoenda ichinzi donhodzo….. mutemo haubvumire izvozvo..unoti mbatya chete ende pambatya tinoreva zvinopfekeka chete (The law only allow clothes, something wearable to be given away when somebody dies not bigger properties like cars and houses, the law has criminalized such actions as Property Grabbing.)” said senior judicial officer Mutasa.”

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