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Wel Mining brings life to Zim

Gweru based smelting company Wel Mining has invested US$7million into the construction of two 6300KVA High Carbon Ferrochrome Furnaces which has increased production at the plant.
The company which is part of the Zimbabwe government’s “Look East” foreign policy strategy, which sought to strengthen its ties with China, started smelting operations on October 15th, 2007, has created the much-needed employment to locals, as well as millions in foreign currency to the country.

“Our core business is the smelting of raw chrome ore and export of final end product called High Carbon Ferro Chrome (HCFC) to the International market. We will be able to bring in about US$1,960 000.00 per month in foreign currency to the country,” said Gao Bo, the company’s managing director.

He said the company has finished the construction of two 6300KVA High Carbon Ferrochrome Furnaces in, 2019 at a cost of US$7million and the investment is set to increase smelting capacity from the existing capacity of 3600KVA to 16200KVA which will contribute immensely towards beneficiation from the country ‘resources.

“As we are recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic, Wel Mining is operating at 25percent of its full capacity which is 550 metric tons of HCFC per month and currently more than 65 workers have been engaged to work at the furnace.

Once our furnaces are operating fully, we will be increasing our production capacity to 2200tons per month and will earn more foreign currency needed by the country,” said Gao Bo.
The company will also be employing more local workers to support its increased production drive. #The Sun


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