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Vimbai Tsvangirai car crash, survivor speaks out

Clive Makumbe

One of the survivors involved in the horror car crash that, later claimed the death of Vimbai, daughter of the late Zimbabwean politician and Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) founder Morgan Tsvangirai, has dismissed conspiracy theories saying the accident was purely caused by negligent driving.

The death of the late ‘Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java’ three days ago, shattered the nation amid speculation that foul play was involved since a senior army officer was driving the opposite vehicle.

Melody Matavire at The Sun offices

Melody Matavire who survived the fatal car crash visited The Sun offices to lay off allegations doing rounds on social media that the accident was a planned plot.

He said the accident was caused by poor timing and negligent driving by the off duty army officer who wanted to overtake at the wrong time without having checked if it was safe to do so.

“I was given a lift to Gweru by the off duty solider driving a Mazda 626 who was on his way to Bulawayo. We left Harare around 6pm and I didn’t know that the driver was a soldier since he was wearing civilian clothes. Along the way, he picked up two other passengers.

Around 2100hrs when we drove past Kadoma after Sebakwe river, the driver misjudged when he followed two other vehicles in overtaking a truck that was in front of them.

The two other vehicles managed to overtake successfully but our car failed to notice that they was an on-coming vehicle which was being driven by Vimbai, resulting in the head on collision,” said Matavire.

He claimed that he blacked out after the accident and wake up around 2am to be told that the vehicle they were travelling in had collided with late Ms Tsvangirai-Java’s car.

“I could see the driver of our vehicle struggling to breathe but had no visible injuries on his body and was informed by nurses that he had internally suffered fatal blows to his chest, only to be pronounced dead the following morning.

Mr Matavire said he would have wished to attend the funeral of Vimbai to pay his last respects but was still in pain and recovering from the fatal accident.

He wishes to locate other surviving passengers of the accident so as to share what happened on the day and to thank the Lord for protecting them.

Tsvangirai-Java’s family were told last week that investigations had been closed after the driver of the car, which collided with theirs had died.

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