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Villagers walk 20km to Clinic

By Solomon Malisa- Citizen Journalist
Sick people in the rural area of Silobela are travelling for more than 20km to the nearest clinic as the much-awaited Langton farm clinic block built at a cost of Z$171million failed to open this year.
Ward 24 Councilor Ephias Shoko on Sunday said the clinic will now be officially opened early next year. Councilor Shoko said the clinic has been built to a tune of Z$171 million and will be officially open early next year.

Shoko alluded to the delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lack of cooperation between local leadership and the community.
This has been worsened by the nature of livelihood of the community, who eke a living through farming and during this season farmers concentrate more on farming than assisting with water, gravel, pit, river sand for the construction work.

Shoko blamed kraal heads and headmen for not taking the project seriously by mobilizing villagers.
“The clinic is being bankrolled by Zibagwe Rural District Council to the tune of Z$171 million through devolution funds” said Shoko.

The opening of the Langton farm clinic will be a huge sigh of relief to the community as they cross-flooded Vungu and Shangani River to access health services.

Villagers cross these Rivers to either Msilahobe clinic or Lokona clinic.
Some villagers are demanding that the rural council pay them for providing the much-needed building material since the project is well funded. #Women in News

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