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 Veterinary on artificial insemination

Richard Shumba

The Veterinary Services Department says it has rolled out a nationwide artificial insemination program, designed to revolutionize breeding practices and elevate livestock quality nationwide.

In an interview with this reporter, Dr. Chenai Majuru, the Acting Director for Veterinary Technical Services articulated that the primary objective of this program is to bolster national herd numbers through the widespread adoption of artificial insemination among farmers, thereby stimulating productivity within the agricultural sector.

He underscored the manifold benefits of artificial insemination, including the enhancement of breeds, mitigation of inbreeding, and elevation of calving and conception rates

Furthermore, Dr. Majuru emphasized the pivotal role of selective breeding facilitated by artificial insemination in amplifying the national herd and refining genetic traits to align with farmers’ preferences.

Additionally, Dr. Majuru accentuated the significance of inseminating cows designated for artificial insemination, further accentuating the advantages of this progressive practice in the realm of livestock management.

The national herd, currently totaling 5.5 million, reflects ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of livestock across the country.

These endeavors include the implementation of diverse measures aimed at elevating livestock standards, such as the introduction of artificial insemination techniques.

Artificial insemination plays a crucial role in this initiative by facilitating cross-breeding with semen sourced from meticulously chosen high-quality bulls.

This strategic breeding approach is instrumental in improving the genetic makeup of the national herd, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and overall livestock quality.#TheSun


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