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Vendors invade Covid 19 treatment center

By Alfred Tembo

Residents of Ascot are calling upon the City of Gweru to increase security at the Gweru Isolation Center to prevent vendors from selling their wares inside the premises.

Concerned residents said security at the infectious center should be increased in-order to restrict unnecessary movements inside the quarantine centres
Andele Maphosa a senior resident of Old Ascot told The Sun that the city was at great risk owing to relaxed security measures at Isolation, a Covid 19 quarantine centre.

Gweru Isolation Center

“We ought to have a high level security near the quarantine centre as people are seen moving about carelessly all day and even after hours, such actions put us at great risk of contracting the virus.

“Covid-19 has not shown possible indications of ending soon, as a result people are reluctant to comply with set curfew regulations,” she said.
Isolation Centre, is situated less than half a kilometre from residential sites and currently houses an undisclosed number of Covid-19 patients on treatment.

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Mrs. Maphosa further said, “It is important that people are forcibly driven to stop operating businesses near the place. This is a clear expression that the government is keen in advancing and effecting their interest in thwarting all possible loopholes that can put lives of the populace at risk.”

According to some residents, information dissemination on the pandemic should continuously be distributed to keep people on guard.
Another resident Philani Ndhovu, said careless disposal of facemasks was another issue that should be dealt with to help reduce new cases.

“We are appealing to people to also consider disposing used face masks properly in designated places, the literary helps create an environment that promotes good health for everyone and zero new cases,” Ndhovu said. #The Sun


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