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Unki Mines conducts road safety awareness campaign

Clive Makumbe
Unki mines in collaboration with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) yesterday conducted an awareness campaign in Shurugwi as part of their efforts to educate and inform school children on traffic safety.
Unki mines in collaboration with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) yesterday conducted an awareness campaign from ZETDC to the community hall.
Addressing people at an awareness campaign event, Social performance manager Evelyn Mawimba said the campaign was aimed at educating school children to be responsible pedestrians and the dangers they face on the roads.
“We had to collaborate with other stakeholders in the community such as ZRP and TSCZ in this initiative aimed at making sure people become responsible road users in the community. We have seen most children and even the general public at large being victims of road accidents.
That is why we chose to join hands with traffic experts to make sure people have an in-depth knowledge of what the public must do to counter such incidents,” she said.
Mawimba urged all relevant stakeholders to join together to discuss the possible opportunities of collaborating to assist the community.
“We need all organisations on board such as ZRP, TSCZ, Ministry of Transport and Shurugwi town council to find ways which we can create opportunities to help our community in general. If we come together as one we are able to come out with solutions or recommendations on how we can give back to the community.”
“We also engaged with Ministry of Transport Provincial office to patch portholes on Boterekwa pass and resurfaced a section of the main access road in the town of Shurugwi as well as implementing street lights on Unki turn off from Shurugwi-Zvishavane highway,” she said.
She added that, Unki Mines will conduct more traffic campaigns in the future aimed at the general public instead of school children alone.
“During discussions with our stakeholders we have decided that, in the future we should conduct such campaigns in order to create a strong relationship with the public,” she said
TSCZ Regional Manager for Midlands Jonah Mangami said Unki Mines invited them to be part of the social responsibility endeavours’ of engaging school children on traffic safety.
“We decided to be part of the sterling efforts done by Unki Mines in fostering culture off selflessness towards the community in general.
It is also the mandate of our organisation to educate school children to reduce road accidents. We will assist each other all the way in alleviating traffic accidents in our communities and the country in general.”

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  1. Well done the Sun for your news on tweet. That’s being innovative and not selfish. To Unkie Mines and partners keep it up. School children are the future (leaders) of this country they need protection. To school children and general public be responsible citizens upenyu ifamba kamwe soumhandara once gone it’s over.

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