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TSCZ committed in curbing road accidents

Denzel Serima

Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) Chief Executive Officer, Obio Chinyere said government is committed in curbing the 2000 lives claimed by road accidents from the current 1 million vehicle population.
This comes after government engaged public-private partners like TSCZ to help curb road carnages by at least 50% as per United Nations document signed by SADC where Zimbabwe is a signatory.
During the official handover of the Traffic training Centre at Cecil John Rhodes Primary School Mr Chinyere representing the Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Joel Matiza said it is a tried and tested concept, workable in both regional and continental spectrum.
“Sweden has a vehicle population of about 5 million and lose only 300 a lives a year due to road carnage, UK 35 million vehicles over 1700 deaths whereas Zimbabwe with a vehicle population close to a million lose 2000 lives a year due to road accidents,” he said. Chinyere further expressed several mental and physical characteristics that limit adults and children in their ability to handle complex traffic situations.
“We are all aware that children behave differently from adults in traffic situations. They have physical and mental characteristics that limit their ability to handle complex traffic situations.”
“The training center is therefore important in teaching children these elements from a young age and will allow children to become more vigilant while using the road,” he added
Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Senator Larry Mavima, acknowledged TSCZ for supporting government plans for economic growth and recovery by installing the Traffic Training Centre.
“As enunciated in government plans for economic growth and recovery, the cultivation of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in road safety infrastructure developments like this TTC is a vital cog of Success,” said Mavima.
“I would like to applaud Mr Chinyere for depicting ads that show the dangers of negligent driving and road use”.
“Being on the road is a privilege to you, have to be responsible for yourself and others on it. It is our responsibility to be safe on the road,” said Mavima.
TSCZ donated 35 bicycles to Cecil John Rhodes School for pupils to use when they use the centre and one thousand dollars to Minister Mavima to use in a project of his choice that has to do with traffic safety.

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