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‘There is no water crisis in Midlands

By Ezekiel Msipa

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has assured the Midlands province that they have enough water in the dams, dismissing false information circulating on social media that a crisis was looming.
According to latest statistics, drop in dam levels by 5%, show that there is enough water to meet the catchment’s domestic and irrigation needs.

Corporate Communications and Marketing officer for Sanyati catcahment Obert Muchena said rumors circulating from unofficial channels about the looming water crisis this year were untrue.

“Rumours on social media or any other unofficial channels were malicious and untrue. Already facts and statistics dismiss those allegations. People should always seek formal communication channels of information to avoid fake news,” he said.

Muchena said the Midlands province, has faced decrease in water dam levels due to rising temperatures and growth of irrigation activities.

“Water dam levels in the region have fallen a bit, due to a number of circumstances such as rising domestic use, temperatures and intensification of irrigation activities. From the 3rd of September this year, major dams in Sanyati catchment which cover the greater part of the Midlands Province were 86.4% full representing a 0.8% drop from last of last week’s statistics. Gwenoro, Amapongowe and Whitewaters are 63.6%, 91.1% and 91% full respectively.”
“These are the dams which supply the city of Gweru. In Kwekwe, Sebakwe dam level is 88.3% full which represents a marginal drop of 0.5% from the previous week,” he said.

He added a similar situation in Shurugwi where Impali dam has dropped by 1.2%, which is at 73.3% full, whilst, Mvuma’s Nyamafufu dam has maintained its level of 94.3%.

Muchena further expressed that, water users should use it wisely to avoid shortage.

“We urge people to use water sparingly as it is a finite resource. We notify those seeking to use water from gathered dams in Sanyati catchment to do so legally by visiting their offices in Gweru and sign water abstraction agreements as prescribed by the Water Act(Chapter20:24),” he said.

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