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The return of the Amapiano Queen

By Perfect Chivima

Nomzamo Precious Ndebele popularly known as Knima Presh for conquering the music scene with her infectious beats and soulful melodies, becoming the undisputed queen of the Amapiano genre in Zimbabwe is set to drop an album.

After a successful year of concerts and chart-topping hits, the Amapiano Queen announced that she would be releasing a new album.

Fans around Midlands are eagerly awaiting the release, eager to hear what musical magic she has in store for them.

“It is high time i release a ten track album compilation with visual packages for my fans around Zimbabwe” said Knima.

The Amapiano Queen poured her heart and soul into creating the album, drawing inspiration from her own life experiences and the vibrant sounds of some Gweru based producers Dj Smart and Majesty.

Each track is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing her incredible talent and creativity.

“This album will define the Amapiano genre on a majestic view from the Queen” she said

 As the release date is not yet announced, the buzz around the new album grows louder.

Fans and critics alike speculated about what musical surprises the Amapiano Queen had in store for them since she has been silent for some time.

Knima Presh has always been a reigning force in the Midlands music industry, known for her catchy flows and electrifying performances.

Since taking a hiatus to focus on personal matters, she disappeared from the spotlight, leaving fans craving more of her unique sound.

After moments of anticipation, Knima Presh has returned, promising to deliver new songs that will reignite the music scene.

“I have a few collaborations on the album the likes of Malie Musiq on a track called Angerina” she said

Fans everywhere are buzzing with excitement, eager to hear what the musical maestro has been working on during her time away.

The amapiano hitmaker has already released a single featuring Papa H and it’s clear that she hasn’t lost her touch.

“Sifanelene” is the new single with infectious rhythms and clever lyrics, the song is a testament to her talent and creativity focusing more on spreading love.

“Sifanelene is a mixture of emotions and professionalism targeting the love birds” she said

 Fans are already dancing in the streets, eagerly awaiting the release of her full album.

 As news of Knima Presh comeback spreads, music lovers from around the country are clamoring to see her perform live. #TheSun


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