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Steak’ n Chips comes to Kwekwe

By Karen Mkwate & Ronald Chuma
Residents of Kwekwe have welcomed the opening of fast food outlet Steak ‘n Chips in the city, saying the company has brought the missing variety of quality meals to the city.

Operations Director of Steak’ n Chips, Mr Tawedzerwa Mudzvoka said that the outlet growth and expansion was driven by customer demand as well as the motives and goals of a business to compete and become the best outlet nationwide.
“It was through an expansion drive given by the outlet managing director Constance Mudzvoka to employ about 100 workers, so that only entailed expansion because one branch could not accommodate such number.
“We were also driven by Kwekwe residents who demanded an outlet of quality in their area,” he added.

Steak n Chips Kwekwe Branch

With the coming in of Steak n’ Chips to the mining town, the demand and supply of materials also increased and the company launched a strategy of engaging the community in the provision of products.
“We are saying to the communities of Kwekwe, if you are a farmer who can supply tomatoes lettuce and can grow at least a minimum of 100 chickens, we have a ready market for you.

“We have our own farm where we produce chickens but as you know you cannot suffice the demand of chickens that is why we need the Kwekwe community to chip in and fill the gap,” Mudzoka said. To counter competition Steak n’ Chips offers numerous products under one roof, it has its own bakery, pizza, steaks, shawarmas, burgers, chips combos at relatively low prices.
“We have our own taste and unique spices that we use in our foodstuffs and quality assurance systems in place and it starts from procurement we do not buy because of price but good quality.


“We have well trained personnel who are highly qualified in food science industry,” he added.
In a bid to offer better services Steak n’ Chips offers home delivery services and in the event that USD change becomes a dilemma they book down the names of the customers so they can collect it later if comfortable.


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