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Smelly Dube likened to Biblical Tabitha

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

Shurugwi North Member of Parliament Honourable Ronald Robson Nyathi has hailed Dr Smelly Dube and the River Valley Group of companies for their philanthropic work, and further likened Dr. Dube to the Biblical Tabitha who in her lifetime took care of widows and orphans.

Speaking at a donation handover ceremony held in Shurugwi, the Member of parliament said “I would like to thank Dr Smelly Dube and her company for this great work, there are many corporates and millionaires out there but the difference is that they are not willing to give and this mighty woman gives, we should not look at the number of goods or money given but let’s respect the pure heart that gives.

“Biblically those who give are blessed more than those who receive, I would liken Dr Dube to Tabitha who in the bible took care of widows and orphans, when she died there was wailing and lament from those she helped and the Almighty God resurrected her,” he said.

“This event is also a lesson to you all that we should give back to the community, we should also give something to our parents and even share with others what we have received here today,” he added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event Recipients of the food hampers and clothes hailed Dr Smelly Dube and prayed for God to extend her territories and give her a long life so that society continues to benefit from her good works.

What we have seen today is great, we thank Dr Dube for this Christmas gift, Tinoti dai Mwari avakomborera awedzere patapudzwa, Mwari wikudenga ngaavawedzere mazuva nemakore panyika kuti vazhinji vagowana kubetsereka kuburikidza navo, Said Amai Mustimba a beneficiary from the donation.

Mr Kombora an elderly man who also received a food hamper said he was going to have a good Christmas this year courtesy of Dr Smelly Dube.

Christmas yangu yaita, Zvarongeka manje, Tinotenda Amai Smelly Dube vatigonera ngazvirambe zvakadaro, said Mr Kombora with a tearful but smiling face. Advertorial To The Sun


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