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Smelly Dube attends Queen Elizabeth’s burial

The world watched as thousands gathered to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday at Westminster Abbey, marking the official end of a historic 70-year reign.

By Staff Reporter

River Valley Group Chief Executive, Dr Amb Smelly Dube joined thousands of invited guests from across the world for the burial procession of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster before her final rest at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castel, yesterday

Dr Amb Dube who was among the invited guests for the rich ceremony also had the chance to lay a wreath in memory of the Queen Mother.

In an interview in Westminister, the Gweru-based businesswoman said she was elated to be part of the historic event.

“Yes this is a funeral but it doesn’t feel like a funeral where people mourn and wail. The mood is jubilant and very happy to be part of this jubilant farewell party that has thronged the streets of London to witness this historic event when the Queen is being buried. I have never seen this before, people lining the streets as they join Queen Mother to her final resting place in Windsor. This experience will remain echoed in my mind,” she said.

A woman of valor, who has received a number of international awards in recognition of her philanthropic works, Dr Amb Dube will be expecting to receive yet another award during her time in the United Kingdom. #The Sun


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