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Residents threaten to dump raw sewage at Townhouse

Ward 11 residents have threatened to take buckets filled with raw sewage to the Town house if the local authority fails to address the dire sewer reticulation problem in Mkoba 4 and 5.

By Ashley Suruma

The “take raw sewage to Townhouse” initiative came to light at a Ward meeting recently chaired by Councilor Albert Chirau.

“Councilor! Councilor! We request that we take raw sewage to the Town house if the local authority does not fix the sewer problem in two months. For over 10 years we have reported the issue of burst sewer pipes in our area and the City fathers are too reluctant to take action, said Amai Murabwi a Mkoba 4 resident.

Supporting the proposal, another resident Isaac Marutanga said “two months is a long period of time, if we wait for two months, we will be already in the rainy season and the issue will be out of hand, we must take action within two weeks”.

“The city fathers must take action as soon as yesterday, such an organization cannot fail to send excavators to remove sewage waters, the sewage must be directed to the veld as a temporary solution, for now, a river of sewage must not be following in between houses” added Marutanga.

Another resident, Tatenda Malaba said “these sewages are a health hazard, diseases such as cholera and typhoid breed in such unhygienic conditions. If we tolerate the Council, we will all get sick. We must not wait for two months to address such a sensitive issue “.
Councilor Chirau concurred with the Residents, noting that the council has failed to rectify the sewer problem for years now.

“l have always reported this issue to Council, l even brought the Mayor and his delegation during the tenure of Dr. Makombe who inspected this area, but since then no action was taken.

Chirau referred to the act of taking buckets of sewage to the Town House as ‘immediate action’

“We will seek clearance to take the sewage to the Town House and we will present our issue to the District Administrator’s office before bringing the issue to the attention of the Resident Minister, said Cllr Chirau.

Commenting on the matter, Gweru City Council Public Relations Officer Vimbai Chingwaramusee said” our engineers are on the ground and we are in a process of getting an excavator to ensure that we fix the problem as a matter of urgency.”

“We are aware of the problem and we encourage our valued residents to ensure that children do not play along that area to avoid any diseases. However we are going to work on it as a matter of urgency” she said. #The Sun

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