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Prophet Pauro’s breath-taking miracles

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Early 2009 saw the advent of new and fast-growing religious movements in the country, in a dawn of a new era for most Christians.

The movements changed the face of Christianity altogether were, the dead were being raised and fresh wounds were healed with instant speed.

As a consequence, most Christians left their traditional churches en masse as they pursued this new phenomenon.

Most worshippers seemed to have been deprived of basic tenets of their faith in the traditional churches and this new dispensation promised restoration.

A new prophet has emerged in town and worshippers are flocking to him as never before.

The same worshippers who left their churches in droves are yet again gathering in crowds at the new spectacle.

The Bible actually records that Simon was an extremely popular ‘prophet’ in Israel. Brethren, prophets of God are not simply anyone who can work miracles.

Prophet Pauro Founder of Light of Africa church who holds his services at Chaplin High School is reportedly drawing larger crowds than his predecessors.

Having read about the development, I had to personally attend one of his sessions and discovered that indeed the majority of his followers are deserters from the previous movements and they number in the thousands.

His sentiments were echoed by many miracle-lovers I mingled with in the mass gathering.

The exodus to Prophet Pauro’s church was fuelled by a miracle he reportedly performed on a Victoria Falls couple who had gone for more than five years without a child and already they have a bouncing baby boy who was born two months ago how ‘stunning’ it is.

Couple blessed with miracle baby

It is further reported that Prophet Pauro, after hearing the good news of the couple, he traveled immediately to Victoria Falls from Shurugwi to bless the couple’s new born child.

He also lived there with the couple to monitor the welfare of the child.

Jane Chivandire

In another breath-taking miracle done by the Prophet is the healing of a cancer patient, Jane Chivandire (28) who had gone for ten years, with the incurable disease.

Ms Chivadire had consulted almost every specialist doctor in the country, only to be told that there was no cure for the disease, which was also giving her heart problems.

Sharing her testimony, Ms Chivandire was later referred to Prophet Pauro who healed her, after a long fight with cancer.

“My battle with cancer started, 10 years ago when I lived in Bulawayo. At United Bulwayo Hospital is were I was diagnosed with cancer that was causing heart problems. My parents had no money until they were refered to Prophet Pauro’s miraculous works.

“He used prayer and herbs for the healing process to be a success and I thank God for the wonderful work he has done for me,” she said.

But, is Pauro’s ministry going to be the last ministry to perform breath-taking miracles in the Midlands province?

The history and rise to prominence of Prophet Pauro started in his younger days when he saw stars falling from the sky upon him as well as experienced many frightening visions that later came to pass for example the closure of his businesses in Bulawayo.

For five years, he thought of committing suicide when he was bedridden with a leg problem that was nearly amputated by his doctors but one night, he saw a light from the heavens calling him to serve God in his name.

Two days later his leg was miraculously healed and his journey to serve the lord began.

Prophet Pauro helped thousands of people in matters of bringing back their lost lover, building people’s businesses, solving marriage problems, chasing away of goblins and evil spirits, curing cancer, livestock production, serious court cases and barrenness in man and woman.

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