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Pay your bills: Makombe

By Tapiwanashe Mulenga
City of Gweru mayor Josiah Makombe has urged residents and stakeholders in the City of Progress to pay debts owed to the local authority which is now nearly $1billion.

The non-payment of bills by most residents, the business community, and the government community is slowing down service delivery as the council relies on funds drawn from revenue collection.
Cllr Makombe said the overall debt analysis indicates that the local authority is owed a lot of money that can be used to provide better service delivery.

Mayor Makombe

He challenged residents and stakeholders to visit the council administration offices and make payment plans.
The mayor said the council seeks to revitalize and refurbish roads, recreational centers, bus terminus’s and vending areas and the council is taking advantage of the lockdown to de-congest the city and Mayor Makombe stressed the rapid rise of the debt owed to the council and indicated that it is worrying and slowing down service delivery.

“Of great concern is the ballooning of the debtors` book figure which as of 31st May 2021 stood at $759,657,662. What is more worrying is that our debtors have increased by $463,356,896 from the figure that was outstanding as at 31st December 2020, “said Mayor Makombe.


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