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Paurosi drops two tracks

Blessing Nduku

UK based Afro-Pop artist Noel Bako known as Paurosi in the music circles was in Gweru last week and finally released two tracks title Musikana and Emotional Man.

Noel Bako (30) is born in a family of 9 children, 7 boys and 2 girls, is the second to the last and a father to one beautiful daughter with wife Jaima Sasha.

Speaking to this reporter, Paurosi said that most of his songs are inspired by the lifestyle people are currently living in Zimbabwe.

“I am usually inspired by how people are living as well as their lifestyle inspire most of my songs. Of all the songs I did when I came back, I love this one track called Musikana which I recorded myself but the beat making was done by HK who’s a music producer based in Harare. I love this one in particular because it reflects my love life in particular.”

He went on to say that music production in both the countries Zimbabwe and UK is not different, the only difference is that opportunities to be on big music platforms is a low.

“That is true I’m now based in the UK and there’s no difference between these two countries even in the whole world as far as music production is concerned, the only difference is on opportunities to be on big music platforms is a bit low.”

Paurosi described music as one of his therapies and said uniqueness is the only way one can use to Afro beats genre.

“Music is my therapy; it makes me forget about everything and it makes me think better on the approach I make to the society but the struggle is real it’s not easy to make it to the top, so I’m still pushing until something happen. Uniqueness in the way I approach Afro beats and culture which is backed by my Zimbabwean roots.”

“My music is an Afro beat genre that was originated from Nigerian music that has got a uniqueness taste of our African culture as a whole.”

Paurosi music will be performing live in Malvern, UK at Priory Park on 15 June, 6 July and 3 August 2024 and he is promising fireworks.

”I just want to thank God for giving me Jaima Sasha my wife, she has been supporting me since day one I remember other days we will sleep very late working in my studio. I am promising fireworks to everyone attending my gig these coming months,” he said.


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