Open Hearts kitchen appeals for assistance -

Open Hearts kitchen appeals for assistance

Chrispen Tabvura
Special Correspondent

Bulawayo’s community charity project that fought for the children’s food challenge during intensified first Zimbabwe lockdown, Open Hearts Kitchen Soup, is appealing for funding to boost the noble project that saved lives of thousands of vulnerable children.
Following the establishment of the kitchen soup feeding scheme by two Bulawayo women, more starving vulnerable children thronged the place for food.

The organization has since added value to the kitchen soup, by introducing lunch for the desperately vulnerable children. Dorothy Magoba Ndlovu and Cora Ndebele are self-funding the kitchen soup project that is rescuing hundreds of starving vulnerable children during this ongoing Covid19 lockdown period that caught many unprepared.

Since its establishment the project has assisted hundreds of disadvantaged and less privileged young one, bringing the current figure to more than 300 per day.
“We have now added lunch after discovering after noticing the suffering of many people including children in silence. Many families going out in the streets to pick up dropping maize grains, from trucks for the next meal, and we decided to contribute from our pockets, to assist these children from that background,” said Ndlovu.

The project which started well in Emakhandeni, is now facing a shortage of resources, hence the request by the two mothers to get help from well-wishers.
Ndebele, who partnered with Ndlovu, to establish ‘Open Hearts Kitchen Soup’, told The Bulawayo Citizen that they are currently appealing for more assistance to keep this project alive.

“We are praying to get into the hearts of those with funding, to come forward and help this honorable cause. We are also hoping that one day we will assist the less privileged children who are failing to go to school due to fees to get that opportunity,” she said tearfully.

Dorothy and Cora are currently feeding the children from their pockets and gather the children at a central location for the feeding times.
The two mothers whose hearts are open as their project’s name are also pushing hard to look after their own families regardless of the uphill task they are slowly pushing. #Byo Citizen

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