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Friday, June 2, 2023

New boss for GCC workers

City of Gweru employees have elected a new workers committee under the banner of The Zimbabwe Urban Councils Workers Union (ZUCWU) with John Kuka emerging as the new Chairperson.

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya & Thelma Wandayi

Kuka rowed into the top position uncontested with a unanimous call from all ZUCWU members.

He (Kuka) will be deputized by Brilliance Mnyamana, Ellen Mutausi is the new secretary General deputized by Simbarashe Liboho, Douglas Tsuro comes in as the treasurer.

Speaking after the election, outgoing Chairperson Kudakwashe Munengiwa who is now the incumbent Secretary General for ZUCWU, thanked all members for their support during his tenure in office and promised to continue fighting for workers’ rights.

“This election shows that we are a democratic workers union, the people have spoken. I would like to thank all our members for the support, you supported me when I was your leader, you should do the same with John Kuka and his newly elected team,” he said

Munengiwa also called upon the city fathers to pay council workers at rebased rates.
“What happens for the gander should also happen for the goose, if rates and tariffs were indexed in US dollars and payable at the prevailing interbank rate why not our salaries.

“We are not Children of a lesser God, we know that Council debtors are being paid at the prevailing interbank rate plus a 10% increase, why is the employer not doing the same to it’s hardworking employees, ” he said

Giving his victory speech, the incoming ZUCWU Gweru branch Chairperson John Kuka called upon all council workers to unite and fight for their rights.

“Thank you for unanimously giving me this position, I call upon all of you to unite for the purposes of achieving our goal, which is to get a better living wage.

“Obviously, promoting the interests of workers is our top priority and we will make sure that working conditions and the welfare of employees are addressed by the employer,”he said

Kuka said it was his wish to see the Council workers earning their salaries in United States Dollars (USD) or equivalent.

In this economy council workers are the poorest, the employer should see to it that we get a better living wage and residential stands.

It is my mandate to make sure that during my tenure Council workers get their salaries in United States Dollars or equivalent. #The Sun


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