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My wife, mother at loggerheads

QDear Aunty: My wife and my mother don’t seem to get along at all, We stay at the same house and my wife is longer comfortable with it.
They are always fighting with my mother and now she is suggesting that we move out and get our own place to stay. How do I go about it without provoking my mother Thebani Senga.

Answer Dear Thebani: I understand your situation and I know how stressful it is to see two people you love fighting. In most cases your mum has her own set up in her house which was there for so many years, whereas your wife lived in a different set up which she maybe finding difficult to adjust.

My advice is that you must leave your mother’s house for the sake of peace.
It doesn’t mean you no longer love your mother, but your wife will need her own set up and where she has her own freedom to start a life with you. Moving out doesn’t mean your wife is more important than your mother, but for peace to reign and for you to face the world alone as a man.


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