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‘Music is an expression’- Lion face

Matilda Hove

Music genius Mathew Lloyd known as Lion Face (pictured) revealed that music is not just a hobby that one does in his or her spare time, but as a way of expressing their emotions.
“First of all music is an expression, music is the voice of the voiceless. So whoever thinks of doing music has something to express, has got something he or she wants to communicate across to his audiences,” said Lion Face.
In his teen days, Lion face used to sing and produce Reggae as well as RnB music, but as he grew up he changed to hip hop which opened doors to his music career.
The artist has released many tracks, which includes, ‘dear mama’ and ‘climb the ladder,’ both of these reflect his life.
His song ‘climb the ladder’ is a metaphoric song which is about achieving the things that are mostly labelled, the impossible.
“It is about peace and love that people should be united when climbing the same ladder because without unity the ladder will not be stable and people will fall so he is just saying people should unite and be one in the industry.”
“I was writing expressing the unity that I feel is lacking amongst musicians, amongst Zimbabweans as a whole…we are actually trying to emphasize that we want positive people to climb the ladder of success,” he said.
He has done several collaborations with other artists like Liwale Sungai and several bands around the country as well as in South Africa.
Other than being a singer he is also a disc jockey who has played at different occasions all around Midlands and has performed in clubs like UpTown, The Barn, New Dawn in Mkoba as well as in Harare and Bulawayo.
He further stated that, though local reggae singers have influenced his music, International reggae musicians have also done so.
“There are some artists like Guspy warrior whom I like but I feel like he has not quite reached my level of consciousness, it is mostly the international reggae community that has had the most influence on me,” said Lion Face
He said music is a journey that has picked up a lot of characters as well as influences that have shaped his life.
“I just wish there could be more sponsors and support from the music and media industry for it is only through them that we can achieve our dreams and it is only through them that we are where we are right now,” Lion Face said.

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