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MK20 residents on NW

By Richard Shumba

Mkoba 20 residents have stepped up efforts to come up with a neighborhood security watch as robberies around the high-density suburb area continue to escalate with residents now living in fear of either being robbed or killed.

Ward 16 Councilor Philemon Mawere said during a meeting that residents need to team up to establish neighborhood watch committees to stamp out criminal activities.

“We previously had a security watch that Mr. Mbizo and Mr. Moyo led but it has since dissolved and is no longer working due to various reasons, it was my plea that whatever happened, let us reunite to resuscitate our security watch as ward 16 residents.  We have noted with concern the continued rise in cases of theft and robbery within our premises hence the need to take decisive action now,” he said.

Mawere urged all community members to take part despite their differences and affiliations.

“We don’t want this to be something which is politically affiliated but I urge you all to put away our political differences to protect our neighborhood and lives,” he said.

Residents agreed to donate and contribute at least a dollar to capacitate those who would have dedicated themselves to fighting criminal activities.

Hence we have resolved that we resuscitate Mkoba 20 security we have identified people who will go around collecting money and once the money is collected it will be handed over and given to those who have dedicated their time and efforts. They cannot just do this for free, they also need some form of compensation for the services that would have been rendered,” he said.

Clr Mawere also urged young men to come into their neighborhoods to safeguard their community.

“So far we have identified certain individuals who have committed themselves to the task but we still are calling for more people to come especially young people and we also agreed that each household will be paying at least a dollar,” he said.  

Residents in the area allege that they are several unreported rape cases and robberies that have taken place in the area where women have been robbed by either commuter omnibus crews or motorists that would have given them a ride.

The area has become prone to robberies because of darkness and the absence of street lights.“ Residents were also urged to install exterior lighting at every home to brighten the environment and not rely on the local authority to do so. #TheSun


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