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Midlands minister engages church leaders to develop province

Newly appointed Midlands Provincial Affairs minister Owen Ncube has engaged church leaders to help unite and develop the province.

Ncube said churches played a pivotal role in giving hope to the community and praying for good leadership.

“My office is open to anyone including churches and we should join hands to ensure that Midlands prosper as a province,”Ncube said during a recent courtesy visit by church leaders in the province. “I also appeal to you to pray for us to be able to discharge our duties with fairness and equality.” he said.

Ncube said there was need for purpose of unity in the province and urged people from the Midlands to forgive each other particularly in cases where there were previous political clashes. He said churches should also benefit from government programmes to enable them to participate in the economic recovery of the country. “Going to church does not mean one cannot participate in economic activities, you should be involved in farming, mining and urge your constituency to also benefit from the recently introduced command livestock programme.”He said.

Ncube said he was aware that some councils were (allegedly) denying churches stands to build their structures and said he was going tolook into the matter. He said his first task as the minister of the province was to investigate all cases of corruption and bring perpetrators to book.

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