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MHS20 boys flying to Spain

By Matilda Hove

Makonde High School (MHS) under 20 boys’ soccer team in Mberengwa district will be heading to Spain after scooping top prize at the Shirichena Sports Gala held in Mataga.
MHS stars scooped Spain ticket for winning the final match 2-0 against Chingoma FC under 23 boys.

Mireld Shirichena the Gala Sponsor said he had never seen such young boys playing so well before. They had given an outstanding performance which was so entertaining.
“The boys played very well and gave an outstanding performance and they really deserved credit as well as the award, hence we will help in every way possible to make their trip a success,” said Shirichena.

Captain of the team Donald Moyo said every player on the line-up was not happy with the harsh training they had to endure because it paid off.
“We used to despise our coach so much because he trained us so harshly and even asked our headmaster to change him for us or else we were never going to play again, but because of his training no team was better than us at the gala and we just hope we will manage to go to Spain in April,” he said.
Headmaster, Musa Mutodzi promised that they will help get passports for players who don’t have them.

“The boys made us proud and as a school we promise to help their trip to be a success by getting passports for those team members who do not have them,” said Mutodzi.
Coach Freddy Mhondiwa also said that his team had really done a great job and he had also expected them to win since he had trained them to be the best.

“The boys have really made me proud, I already knew that they did not like me since I gave them a hard time during training, but I could spot talents in each and every one of them so therefore they only needed a little push to become the best.

They have also given me an opportunity to go to Spain and acknowledged me as the best coach since it was my first time preparing them for a match,” said the coach.

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