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Mberengwa teen scoops accolade in Mzansi

By Matilda Hove
A 19-year-old dramatist from Mposi High school in Mberengwa, Patience Nsingo, who is well known for his stage name karekta won the Young People Entertainment Awards (YPEA) after having been rated the best young dramatist from a South African drama ‘The Moon’.

Nsingo had been acting local dramas for four years in Zimbabwe until his uncle in South Africa linked him up with a film producer who invited him over to validate his talent in January 2017.
Speaking to The Sun Buzz, Nsingo said that he had started acting dramas and public speaking since he was in primary school but had never imagined himself acting in a foreign country.

“I started acting dramas and public speaking when I was 9 years old in primary school. I had never dreamed of becoming a recognized actor, I only wanted our school drama club to be the best but however God had other plans for me and now I have won an award of being the best actor in another country,” said the teenager.

His drama teacher, Kenneth Maphosa at Mposi High School added that he is happy that he groomed an actor who could be so well renounced at that age.

“I am really happy for Karekta, l had always knew that if he takes his acting seriously, it could change his life completely because he is really talented and we have never lost any drama competition because of him.
He made me really proud of myself that I have groomed a young actor who could do so well in South Africa,” he said.

Nsingo also said that that he featured in four local dramas before he went to act in South Africa but he did not take it seriously since he was only asked to help.
“l featured in four local dramas, ‘chakafukidza dzimba’, my golden life, ‘musha wemukwasha’ and ‘ndatenda hangu’, in which l did not take seriously since l was only asked to help act as a child in all the plays. My uncle then linked me with his friend in South Africa,Thokozani Mlabe who admired my talent and signed me in filming and that is when l started my career,” he said.

Nsingo was born and grew up in Mberengwa. He attended school at Zvishava Primary School and went to Mposi High and is currently doing form 5, while his filming organization pays his school fees for him.
The artist concluded that he hopes that he could be the best actor as he grows up because the opportunity to take care of his family has risen for him and he is delighted to grab it with both hands.

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