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Mberengwa hit by food shortages

By Staff Reporter

Mberengwa district in the Midlands province faces serious food shortages after most of the crops were destroyed by heavy rains, a government minister has said.
Speaking in Somabhula at a recent national fire week launch for the Midlands, provincial affairs minister, Larry Mavima said the situation was dire and needed the intervention of all stakeholders to avert the situation.

“There is serious food shortages in Mberengwa due to the incessant rains received in the last season,”Mavima said.
“There is need for all stakeholders intervention to save the situation. The heavy rains destroyed most of the crops and the harvest was therefore poor in the are,” he added.

Over the years incessant rains have not only destroyed fields in the district but also damaged roads and bridges cutting off communication from health centres and schools.
In 2017 corporate companies had to chip in with food items to help flood victims in the district affected by Cyclone Dineo.

Midlands, provincial affairs minister, Larry Mavima

The floods also destroyed roads, bridges, schools, houses and fields. In the past Mberengwa and other areas in the province in general have been depending on food aid due to recurrent droughts.
But due to climate change, a new phenomenon of cyclones and floods has become the major contributor of hunger in the region.


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