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Matemadanda threatens businesses

By Martin Mawaya

The ZANUPF Political Commissar, Victor Matemadanda said government will deal decisively with profiteering businesses that are in a habit of increasing prices.

Speaking at a recently held national clean up campaign in Gweru, Matemadanda revealed that government will not stand by while people are suffering from wanton prices increases by the unruly business elements.

“We are aware that there are unruly elements within the business sector who do not want to reduce prices.
“We will mobilize people to go to those profiteering businesses so that you will see that they are not part of us,” he said.

He threatened pharmaceuticals and commuter operators.
“There are some businesses that benefited foreign currency from the government for essential services like the pharmacies but are letting people dying while hiking prices ‘beware’.

“Those who are increasing prices of commuters ‘beware,” he charged.
He said it will not take time to withdraw commuter operators from business.

“It will not take us five minutes to phase out those commuters from business just give us a signal, they will keep them as empty tins at their houses,” fumed Matemadanda.
He bemoaned corruption at GMB.

“We don’t tolerate corruption at GMB be careful because government will not sit and watch rotten at parastatals,” said Matemadanda.
Matemadanda castigated organizations calling for demonstrations against government austerity measures.

“Those agitating to demonstrate against the removal of the United States dollars are enemies of the austerity measures,” vowed Matemadanda.

He stated that austerity measures are for economic stabilization.
“The austerity measures being implemented by the Minister of Finance Honorable Mthuli Ncube are important for economic stabilization,” he said.

He calls for unity of purpose.
“For the country to move forward we need to unite because nothing will progress when there is conflict.

“Let’s come together for the sake of development of our country and our constituencies,” added Matemadanda.

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