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Marginalized communities educated on electoral processes

By Christine Chiromo
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in partnership with Women Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ) recently held a constitution hub meeting in Masvingo educating women in marginalized communities on electoral processes.
ZEC has resumed its electoral activities and voter registration which commenced on April 1, 2021

Masvingo ZEC district elections officer, Gertrude Murumbi who was the guest speaker at the meeting intensified voter education awareness for people who live in the rural areas on how to conduct the voting processes.
“Voter education is a means of informing people on how to vote and the necessary requirements needed to carry out the voting processes, especially those in the rural areas as they do not have much access to such information.”
Murumbi also revealed that they were partnering Henry Murray and had introduced sign language during their voter education awareness campaigns.

“Henry Murray teachers are playing a pivotal role in helping ZEC to educate persons with disabilities using sign language interpretation and this helps the electorate understand the voting requirements and procedures,” said Murumbi.
Some participants at the meeting called upon ZEC to provide a braille ballot paper so as to reduce the number of assisted voters who usually cry foul of having their vote manipulated.

“Braille must be used so that the blind people can also exercise their voting rights because some do not trust their aides. They allege those people might change their votes or unscrupulously make them vote for a contestant whom they don’t like,” said a participant.
WCOZ entreated ZEC to engage women organizations to participate in voter education especially in marginalized communities.
“We would really appreciate if ZEC invites some organizations that are willing to do voter education. It would be nice if women rights advocacy groups work hand in hand with ZEC as this can actually empower some women.”


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