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Man of the Moment: Leefire

By Perfect Chivima

Bursting onto the music scene with a fiery passion and unmatched energy, up-and-coming artist Leefire had already made waves with his infectious “Kana Usipo” song released on the 18th of March.

Leon Pande known as Leefire for his catchy tunes and dynamic performances is quickly becoming a household name in the music industry.

Leefire had a loyal fanbase, but it seems like he is set to break into the mainstream music scene.

The moment Leefire’s new single hit the airwaves, it was an instant hit.

Meditating on the soulful melody, heartfelt lyrics, and Leefire’s hauntingly voice it is clear he struck a chord with listeners everywhere.

His latest single “Kana Usipo” engineered by Jamal No Limits and Money Cure truly solidified his status as a dancehall sensation.

 The song is a hypnotic blend of Afro rhythms and pulsating dancehall beats that had fans grooving from the very first note.

With its lyrics celebrating love, unity and positivity “Kana Usipo” quickly became an anthem for those looking to spread love and good vibes.

Leefire poured his heart and soul into the creation of the song, drawing on his own experiences and emotions to craft a track that spoke to listeners on a deeper level.

“Im always inspired by my day to day life as I craft my music projects” he said.

His smooth vocals and captivating lyrics had caught the attention of music lovers around the world, and he is quickly gaining a following on social media.

The soulful melodies and romantic lyrics touched the hearts of many, as the song is trending on social media with fans already using the hashtag #KanaUsipo to express their admiration for Leefire’s talent.

Under the management of Nash Nation ochestrated by the famous Tinashe Mutarisi, Lee’s hard work paid off  with “Kana Usipo” shooting up the charts, earning his critical acclaim and a huge fan base.

The artist appreciates the constant support and managerial board of Nash Nation as a golden ladder in his career.

“I have been touring with NashNation since May 2023 and I never disappoint on shows” he said

Leefire worked tirelessly with the team of Nash TV creatives to come up with a concept for the “Kana Usipo” music video.

They decided to make it colorful and vibrant, with lively, beautiful visuals that would capture the energy and spirit of the dancehall scene.

“I am working on a lot of projects and a high promising one with Nisha Ts the Kutsamwa kune labour hit maker” he said

Fans must brace themselves for a banger since Leefire gave a heads up on a forthcoming production with one of the trending utmost female chanters.

His “Kana Usipo” music video went viral, garnering thousands of views in just a few days.

People could not get enough of Leefire and his enchanting love song, it is up to the artist and his management to maintain the purple patch.#TheSun


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