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Mambo residents install solar lights

By Tapiwanashe Mulenga & Elaine Mpofu

The increase in robberies and burglaries in Mambo township Gweru has forced residents to come together and mobilize funding for the installation of street lights on hotspot areas.
The move is aimed at curbing rampant night robberies and burglaries entailed by obscurity during the night.

Addressing residents at the officiating ceremony of the lights, Ward 7 Councilor Gideon Mugariri pointed out that the newly installed lights are expected to ease the high crime rate that is rampant on the streets of Mambo.

Poor lighting at night in the township enhanced night robberies and burglaries.
“We identified hotspots and installed lights on these areas first, but we aim to install lights on all the streets of Mambo, just like it was during the old good days when we were growing.
The lights are solar-powered and were designed to sense movements, this means that when there is no movement they remain dim but once there is a movement they brighten. This way residents are safe,” said Councillor Mugariri.

Councillor Mugariri said the use of solar street lights falls in line with the stipulations and regulations of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) of promoting environmentally-friendly equipment and at the same time curbing the shortage of electricity that is going on in Zimbabwe hence it is actually pushing them as local authorities to look at ways of making sure that they go green.

Addressing residents at the same meeting, Engineer Sam Ushe the chairperson urged residents to safeguard the lights and unite in promoting community development in the township.

His Worship, The Mayor of Gweru Councillor Josiah Makombe (Centre) and Mambo committee members touring the installed lights Pic by Kudakwashe Shambamuto

“This came to light after hearing a series of robberies on streets close to Broadway shopping center. I urge everyone to safeguard these lights from vandalism and report burglaries. Let’s bring sanity to our Mambo, our history, and our heritage. We grew up here, this is our home,” said Engineer Ushe.
His Worship, The Mayor of Gweru Councillor Josiah Makombe who graced the occasion thanked the residents for the tireless and priceless efforts towards community development.

“I would like to thank the residents of Mambo for such a noble deed and continue to work together and bring about ideas that bring about progress to this township. After taking such an initiative by yourselves, I am bound to seek help from the City Council to assist in other engineering projects,” said Mayor Makombe.

“On the same note, I would like to inform you that the water rationing system is not here to stay, most of the time we experience power cuts at our pumping site and this usually results in poor water reticulation or low water supply.

Mambo residents are credited for paying up water bills, you have the lowest water debts owed to the council in the whole city. I say keep up the good work,” said Mayor Makombe.


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