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Mai Titi reveals her HIV+ status

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Popular comedy artist Mai Titi, known as Felistus Maruta has revealed to the world via her Facebook page through an emotional video alleging that her ex-husband infected her with HIV in her abusive eight year marriage.
Though Mai Titi attracted sympathy from her Facebook followers some swiped at her in the process of seemingly seeking sympathy, she also attracted controversy with her allegations.
While most women sympathised with her, she also got negative feedback for revealing someone’s HIV status on social media.
Some said that, she is a weak and stupid woman who needs to grow up.

On the other hand Mai Titi disclosed on her social media that, “Now that I Disclosed my Status to the world there is no more TURNING BACK.I want to be the voice of many women who are in the same situation but they are SILENT AND AFRAID. it’s the things we keep inside us that kill us. I don’t CARE how other people think about me now I’m only here for human beings who feel. As we are getting ready for the March to stop stigma and raise Awareness. We say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We been Abused ENOUGH. let’s unite and March together without fear. For more info contact me on 0773633381. TOGETHER WE CAN. I LOVE YOU”.
But women rallied behind her and pledged emotional support.
Mai Titi narrated her story from 2008, the year she got married to a man her mother despised up to the point she allegedly found out that her then husband was HIV-positive.
“I later discovered that this guy was not well health wise, something that he never told me. I asked him and we sat down with his family but all he could say was he was sorry and he had not told me because he was scared I would leave him. I was very bitter and my family was very bitter. I reported him to the police but he begged me (for mercy) and I dropped the charges,” said Mai Titi.
She went on to explain how she had financially helped her ex-husband’s family when things were tight and how the mother-in-law abused her.
Mai Titi said her ex-husband who recently got married was deliberately trying to provoke her when he sent her pictures of him and his new wife at their traditional wedding ceremony.

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