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Macheso set for Gweru

By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

Sungura Maestro and Kingpin, Alick Macheso is set to reenergize Gweru music fans, with his spellbound Album “Tinosvitswa Nashe” which has sent staccato rhythmic ecstasy upon the music industry.
Midlands Hotel which is a jewel in the crown of Gweru’s live entertainment will be the center of Chesology, a contemporary Sungura philosophy of entertainment.

The Sungura maestro is expected to put up a well-choreographed performance that will give his ever-loyal fans a live taste of his newly released songs and, surely music lovers will be left clamoring for more of Macheso’s bass guitar theatrics.

Baba Shero, as Macheso is affectionately known in the music industry, is returning to the city of progress by public demand after his new-fangled Tinosvitswa Nashe album lived up to the billing and has received vast airplay on local radio stations.

Launched on the 10th of June, Baba Shero’s Tinosvitswa Nashe album features life coaching songs like “Nzendo Dzirefu”, “Makazvinzwepi”, Munhu Mumwe, it also has a song dedicated to his fan base dubbed “Ndimi Vanhu V

acho” last but not least is a Chewa song that is believed to be rocking the street radios of Lilongwe, Malawi under the title “Impfa Nimulandi”.

Stuck at various corners, from Shurugwi to Gweru, the Macheso -Midlands hotel Show poster communicates the clear message of introducing Macheso’s new album to his Midlands fans.


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