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Macheso hits cause havoc at bottle store

By Blessing Jani

The melody of a song do not only have impact to the ears, for some itis a requisite for their wellbeing, failure to consume might lead to a fatal action. This has been the case with avid followers of Alick Macheso (Pictured) who could not stand to miss a sound thus proceeded to beat upbartender for playing other songs.

On the 19th of September this year, Admire Dhlaru (35) and Emmanual Machingura (24) who are both gold panners at a mine in Falcon, Shurugwi were arrested by police after beating Gamuchirai Nhangaru a bar lady at a nearby store for skipping Alick Macheso hits in her playlist.
The two appeared before Shurugwi magistrate Mrs Elizabeth Zungula who found them guilty of physical abuse and theft, for after beating Gamuchirai they proceeded to take some goods that were on sale.

It is the state’s case that the accused persons gained confidence in the fact that they were related to the shop owner Liberty Svova whom Emmanuel said is his brother thus assumed rights to do whatever they wanted at the shop.

Gamuchirai confirmed that chaos started when she began sampling the songs she recently had loaded in a memory card for it was about time for her to close and dismiss at around 9pm.
The complainant testified that the two accused persons rose from where they were seated drinking beer frowning in anger because she had skipped all the songs in Macheso’s latest album Tsoka Dzerwendo.

The court heard that after committing the first offense, Admire and Emmanuel advanced to the shelves and took soft drinks worth Rtgs $20 and snacks that they ate in the store, threatening to do harm to whoever was going to disprove their action.

However the two accused persons both denied the allegations saying the complainant was in a state of mental confusion thus the court ought not to rely on her confession.
“We did not commit any of these offenses. We only instructed the lady to play music for there was now somber silence at a place where we gather for joy and entertainment.

“She is also lying that we stole goods from the shop for we only told her to give us drinks equivalent to the balance we had left on an earlier purchase,” Admire Dhlaru told the court.

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