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Low youth participation in Council activities

Blessing Nduku

Zimbabwe’s low youth participation in governance, local authorities has led to the older generation remaining in power as well as youth unemployment and is very worrisome.

Speaking to this reporter the Director of Youth Essence Nobuhle Mahlahla said that ignorance is one of the reasons why youth participation in council issues is low.

“Many young people in Gweru are ignorance of the relevance participation in such developmental activities.”

“Another thing is that young people are unaware of the council activities also the importance of their participation which can be due to inadequate communications channels or active outreach programs.”

She went on to say that there is a general mistrust in the political system and it is leading to apathy.

“General mistrust in the political system or rather say council’s effectiveness can lead to apathy and that they believe that their participation will not make a difference because their voices are hardly heard.”

Brisky Ncube of Nkabazwe community radio station also said that the mode of communication used by the council lacks innovation.

“Myself I work with youths in my organization and I never get the chance to hear about the masterplan. You cannot communicate with young people the same way you talk to elderly people. Lack of innovative communication channel that by the council is also one of the factors leading to low youth participation in council activities.

I think the Council should make a communication channel that is user friendly for both the youths and the elderly.”

He also said that the issue of ignorance towards council activities.

“Secondly it can also be the attitude that the youths have towards the activities. Most of them usually ask if there’s something for them after meeting up because most of them are self-employed and depends on the side hustles they do to earn a living.”

“Youths get information but the issue of incentives, it seems like there are entitled to getting something for attending. At the end of the day, it’s those who are willing who will attend. With or without incentives.”

According to Veritas, some government policies, including the 2013 Indigenization Act, had resulted in some politicians enriching themselves and their families, causing more harm than good in investment and job creation, and not contributing to ordinary citizens’ welfare.


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