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Legion changes name to Unkat

By Perfect Chivima

Gweru-based artist Wilton Doba is making airwaves after rebranding his name from Legion to Unkat. The music maestro has become the fans’ favorite after releasing new vibrant tracks. “Legion” who is biblically known as a host of demons is now gone and buried as Unkat steps up.

The name Unkat, pronounced as “uncut” dictates full length that indiscriminately displays the pure completion of the artist.Astoundingly, two weeks after his rebirth Unkat outflanked 1.4k subscribers on his Youtube channel with a combined 44k views. Unkat featured Madam Boss on his banger called “Solo naMutsai” Online content creators have become familiar with the artist’s new flows.

The “mudhara wemangoma” hitmaker shows progress within the Gweru music fraternity as he features Zim Hip Hop, King Holy Ten. History is in the making as the duo recently dropped “Machisa” which has grasped a lot of followers in the music industry.

“Catch the message. The message is no matter who you are or where you are, all you need is a spark kuti ubvire” laudably vowed Unkat. The trending song “Machisa” instills self-belief within the listeners as Unkat urges that everyone is capable of lighting up the fire if they are deemed to scratch the matchbox.

Unkat is displaying a unique flow in the entertainment arena. Different vibes and exquisite melodies seem enough to keep his light shining. Delicacy besides being radical is a perfect carving of the newly born artist.

His influence paved the way for Gweru to host a music festival in the festive fever of December. Popular South African disc jockey “Dj Tira” shared the stage with Unkat and other finest musicians in Zimbabwe.

Unkat distinguishes himself from Legion as he poses as a mature focused artist before his fans.Consistency is the key to progress as Unkat released a sizzling music video “Foshora” which grasped more than 5k views. The explicit video shows the gallantry in his work as an artist. There is always light at the end of the tunnel as Unkat was blessed with a red sporty Mercedes Benz printed “Unkat” on the body.

Apart from Legion, Unkat stretches his hand to lift potential youths in the music industry. Xiddo Chikandamina who is also a prominent figure in Gweru used to be a backing vocalist for Unkat until he started creating his music.

Unkat literary influenced the rise of Kayflow at Cypher Muzik studios who won the best upcoming artist at Zim Hip Hop Awards 2023.

Nevertheless, Acquistive Studios which is a recording label in Gweru scooped a slot on Zi FM stereo after Unkat recorded a track with Terry Bho the producer.
Unkat is confident that nothing can stand in his way and block his success as he cherishes the success of other artists he works with.

“I believe in my city, Gweru loved me first and they have a bigger part of my heart” commended the artist “I don’t have to relocate for people to believe in my art. #TheSun


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