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Kudzanayi terminus fail to reopen

The much-awaited reopening of the new look Kudzanayi bus terminus and public market stalls has been deferred after the ban on inter-city buses’ movement by the government.

The refurbished state-of-the-art terminus was supposed to be opened this morning but failed to reopen after President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday announced a 14-day, level 4 lockdown which banned the movement of public transport across cities.

When The Sun news crew visited the terminus, Bentach workers were putting up finishing touches on outstanding work like toilets, boom gates, destination post signs among others.
“We have resolved not to open the bus terminus after receiving communication from the government and our partner City of Gweru that movement of buses has been banned in line with Covid 19 level 4, restrictions. We were all geared up for the reopening today,” said Bentach Resources, project manager Mr David Kudakwashe.

He said his company will be ready to reopen in two weeks when the lockdown level 4 is reviewed by the government.
“This has given us an extra opportunity to polish up a few remaining works and to prepare for the more than 400 vendors who will take up the vending stalls. The selection of vendors to take up stalls is being done by the council in consultation with the office of the Minister of State.

“I’m so impressed by the good working relationship between the City of Gweru and the office of the Minister of State, it is so amazing, the level of professionalism shown by the two offices,” said Kudakwashe
Vendors will be paying $300rtgs per day, while intercity buses will pay $1500rtgs per 2hrs and regional buses will fork out $2500rtgs per 3hours in the rank.
The new terminus will have a health facility where the Covid 19 vaccination will be done for the traveling public and locals.- Willie Mponda


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