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JW holds global events online

By Varaidzo Muzonzini
Jehovah’s Witnesses is set to hold its 2021 annual three-day conventions global virtual event which is expected to attract millions of followers around the world.
The conventions which traditionally held physical for more than a century but due to the Covid-19 pandemic has been held virtually since last year.

These conventions were usually held in Assembly Halls, public schools, and other rented venues around the country such as the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZIFT).

“Powerful by Faith! Is the theme of the 2021 global event, which will be delivered in more than 500 languages to households throughout the globe over six weekends during July and August 2021, uniting 15-20 million people in 240 countries. Since the convention is typically held from Friday through Sunday, the program will be available in installments corresponding to morning to morning and afternoon sessions. Friday morning sessions will be available for streaming or downloading beginning June 28, 2021.

These programs are becoming very popular and well supported. For example, last year our conventions had thousands of people listening to a recorded program. Some Bible students are listening to such programs as families even though some are not yet studying the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses”, said John Hama Hunguka National Spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses.
“Satan has scored an own goal with Covid-19 as more people are now attending spiritual programs in the comfort of their homes,” One of the Witnesses commented.

John Hama Hunguka also said that the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ faith has helped their brotherhood to thrive even in the Covid-19 pandemic and they continue to be united by their faith globally.
“All are invited to attend the event by going to JW.ORG on the web or JW Broadcasting on the free JW Library iOS or Android App, or on streaming platforms like ROKU TV, Apple TV, and others. The program is free and accessible to all.

For more information, please contact Jehovah’s Witnesses of Zimbabwe at 0773303956/0772125952 or InboxPID.ZW@bethel.jw.org.“, John Hama Hunguka added.


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