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By Tapiwanashe Mulenga

Widely known as “Mutoriro” , “Sinhi” or “GUKA “, crystal meth has wrecked livelihoods in communities threatening the future of many youths.

Many young people die each day and statistics show that drug-related deaths stand at 20 percent of the overall mortality rate.
The drug, crystal meth is a gas used in laboratories and brews insomnia if taken as it contains substances that destroy the brain cells that are responsible for enabling sleepiness.

Most of the drug addicts can go for days or weeks without sleeping. One can end up hallucinating or acting as a prophet or hearing voices as the meth has weakened the brain cells and that anxiety and fatigue causes these hallucinations.

Streets and backyards have been turned into hubs for drug trade and sexual acts.
Some of the dangerous drugs rotating in the streets include cocaine, marijuana (mbanje), bronclear, glue and mudzepete. These drugs are highly addictive and affect mental health and are criminal drugs as poised by the Mental Health Act of 1996.

Most families are insecure in homes as they live in fear of their fellows who have been victimized by drugs like crystal meth and marijuana. This is fostering domestic violence as most of them end up selling and exchanging household goods for drugs.

Most cases of domestic violence are brewed by drug abuse and most of these cases tend to be horrific and one under the influence of “mutoriro” loses their uphold or tolerance.
Drug abuse has become a vehicle of madness, violence, quarrels, and insecurities as victims influenced by drugs lose sanity and indulge in anything in their space.

It is time we all citizens, work with the ZRP and the government in fighting drug abuse in our communities.
We would like to applaud President Mnangagwa for taking the lead in condemning drug abuse and relevant authorities for the move they have taken to initiate sanity in the streets. As the leader of the state and government, it becomes imperative for all of those who serve under him to take up the clarion call and ensure in their various circles that drug abuse is not tolerated and all guilty parties are brought to the book.


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