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Just In… Recalled Mayor Makombe speaks up

The recalled Gweru Mayor Dr Josiah Makombe has issued a statement for the first time since the decision to fire him by the Mwonzora led MDCT party.

Here is the statement in full:

Press statement of His worship Dr Josiah Makombe, 10 January 2022
It is with a heavy heart that I announce my removal from the office of the mayor of the city of Gweru as well as the president of UCAZ through a recall by MDCT led by Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora. The recall was done on the 10th of December 2021. The reason for the recall is that am a member of MDCA led by

advocate Chamisa.
I want to take this opportunity to thank all residents of ward 2, which comprises the following suburbs, Athlone, Riverside, J Tungamirai airbase, Harben park, Greenville, Winsor Park, Coolmooreen, and Lingfield. Thank you so much for your support. You trusted and gave me the opportunity to save you as your councilor as well as the Mayor of our city. I would also want to thank all the residents and stakeholders of Gweru for giving me the opportunity and support during my tenure as your Mayor. Am happy that I was given this very rare opportunity to contribute in a great way to the development of our city. My mandate was to provide quality service delivery to my community of Gweru and I did my best. I promised zero tolerance to corruption at Gweru city council and I did my best to deal with that, I promised to deal with the water crisis in our city, measures and mechanisms were put in place by enhancing our pumping capacity at Gwenhoro and Whitewaters. We still have water challenges but the necessary equipment to deal with the problem was secured and hopefully, the implementation will be done with speed.

I promised to deal with our roads challenges and during my tenure, we managed to buy some equipment that we did not have. Some of the equipment was delivered and some are yet to be delivered. We bought a backhoe loader which was delivered and a tractor, tipper truck which is yet to be delivered.
On health matters, we managed to procure an ambulance and a lot of equipment to assist in the cleaning of our city. The city is once again clean though a lot still needs to be done.

As a local authority, we were struggling with resources, we had to restructure some of our operations so that they can become viable. I spearheaded the creation of Gweru city parking company which has brought order in our CBD and well as more revenue. Within its first 6 months of operation, we managed to procure the backhoe loader using our share of the revenue. I also spearheaded the reconstruction of Kudzanai bus rank, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. Your city is now realizing some revenue that was never done before. There are still some projects that are under construction, the wimpy rank, the Kombayi market as well as the Mtapa market. I hope all these projects will be completed for the benefit of Gweru . I had also started the upgrading of our airdrome into a fully fledged airport. Gweru being at the center of our country we definitely need an airport, hence the need to have one. As planned work should start next year with the investor that we partnered.

The resuscitation of Go beer was my next port of call, we had started to revive the farming section. Farming activities started last year with the winter wheat crop which did very well. The brewery plant needs an investor and we hope one will come on board soon.
I can’t write all that I did during my tenure but I had to give a brief of the major projects. As we closed 2021 we had to concentrate on the beautification of our city as well as greening. I think you can all agree that the city was reclaiming back its status of being a prosperous city of choice. The street lights along Harare road as well as the CBD area are a marvel to watch during the night. As I pass the baton to the next Mayor he or she will definitely start from a good foundation.

On philanthropic work, I managed to use the mayor’s cheer fund to benefit orphans and less privileged children to go to school. More than 100 children from all levels benefited and they will continue to further their education. Our elderly and those leaving with disabilities yearly will get Christmas hampers. I want to thank the business community and all those who donated to this noble cause. Nationally my philanthropic work was recognized by the International Institute of Philanthropy in partnership with the Women’s university by giving me a Doctorate. During my tenure, I also got a lot of accolades which include, The Mayor of the year, the business leader of the year among others. For the first time in history from Gweru city, I became the president of UCAZ in 2018 until my recall. All these achievements were because of the opportunity and support I got from the community of Gweru. Thank you very much.

As for Ward 2 ,you expected a lot from your son, I might have not done everything that I promised you during election time, but am proud that I promised to construct a clinic in the ward. I achieved this by turning the Pfende club house into a clinic. The surrounding communities had no clinic nearby, they would either go to town or Hwahwa for assistance. This clinic will be a relief especially to children and expecting mothers. The clinic will be ready for opening this year. A representative of the people has to do some life changing projects and as such within the short period that I have been in office, some notable achievements are there for everyone to see.

Finally the issue of my recall is before the courts. I will not say much but just to wait for the courts to give a judgment.
I can not end my statement without thanking all the residents associations in Gweru. Their demands for accountability and quality service kept me and my team going. Your interventions were of great importance, your existence is of paramount importance to the development of our city. I also want to say thank you to the church community, your prayers kept me going. I will always be indebted to all our Pastors and Bishops who would always find time to come and pray for our city and myself. Be blessed. Last but not least, I would like to say , thank you to Gweru city management and employees. Your support for my vision for the city was tremendous. God bless you.

I shall always be there for any assignments that the people of Gweru would give me. Once again thank you so much for your support and prayers. God bless you abundantly.

His Worship the Mayor of Gweru
Dr Josiah Makombe


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